Endorse Gabriela López for
San Francisco School Board

Elected Officials:
Jane Kim, Board of Supervisors District 6
Sandra Lee Fewer, Board of Supervisors District 1
Hillary Ronen, Board of Supervisors District 9
Hydra Mendoza-McDonnell, President San Francisco Board of               Education                                                                                        Mark Sanchez, San Francisco Board of Education                        Matt Haney, San Francisco Board of Education
David Campos, Chair San Francisco Democratic Party (DCCC)*        Art Agnos, Former Mayor San Francisco                                    Brigitte Davila, President City College of San Francisco Board                 of Trustees*
Jen Low, President Rose Pak Democratic Club* ,
     Legislative Aide Dist. 7  & San Francisco Democratic Party*
Kelly Groth, President San Francisco Women's Political Committee       & San Francisco Democratic Party (DCCC)*                                  Alysabeth Alexander, San Francisco Democratic Party (DCCC)*        Peter Gallotta, San Francisco Democratic Party (DCCC)* & Former       President Harvey Milk Democratic Club*                                            Christina Olague, Former Board of Supervisors District 5                   

Organizations:                                                                                           San Francisco Latino Democratic Club                                                    Rose Pak Democratic Club                                                                         San Francisco League of Pissed Off Voters           

Community Leaders:                                                                        Karen Zapata,  Founder Teachers 4 Social Justice*                            Rudy Corpuz, Executive Director United Playaz*
Cynthia Meza, Former President Latin American Teachers                     Association*
Sunny Angulo, Legislative Aide Dist. 3, & League of Young Voters*
Bobbi Lopez, Legislative Aide Dist. 6 & Founder La Voz Latina*
Noelle Duong, Legislative Aide Dist. 6                                        Chelsea Boilard, Legislative Aide Dist. 1                                        Charles Sanchez, Harvey Milk LGBT Democratic Club Treasurer*           & Library Commissioner, City of Oakland*                              Sophia Andary, SF Women’s March*                                              Susan Sullivan, Women Sports Film Festival                                Alison Collins, Educator & Co-founder of SF Families Union*
Pilar Mejia, President San Francisco Alliance of Bilingual                         Educators*
Jorge Bell, Dean CCSF Mission Campus*                                 
Kim Garcia-Meza, Director Las Mañanitas Childcare*
Lila Carrillo Rodríguez, President San Francisco Latino Democratic       Club                                                                                                    Lito Sandoval, Former Vice President of Political Affairs San                  Francisco Latino Democratic Club                                              Gabriela Alemán, Co-President of Latin@ Young Democrats*      Jon Jacobo, Legislative Aide Dist. 6 & Co-President of Latin@               Young Democrats*
Diana Pang, Chinatown Community Development Center*                Kevin Ortiz, Vice President of Political Affairs San Francisco                   Latino Democratic Club                                                                        Wendolyn Aragon, SFPUC Citizens' Advisory Committee*        Jordan Davis, Transgender Rights Advocate, Tenant                                 Representative on the SRO Task Force*                                      Tony Kelly, President, Potrero Hill Democratic Club*                    Claire Lau, Co-Chair SF Berniecrats*                                                Tracy Brown, President, Mission Democratic Club*

Educators, Parents & Community: 
David Rodríguez, Educator                                                                    Dr. Hae Min Cho, Licensed Acupuncturist, Founder of Body Dao             Acupuncture                                                                            Jeremiah Jeffries, Teachers 4 Social Justice*
Winnie Porter, Librarian SFUSD*
Yvette Torres, Community Activist District 11
Tammy Appling-Cabading, Director Marketing & Communications
Vanessa Pineda, Auditor (Educational Agencies)
Margarita López, House keeper
Juan G. López, Truck Driver                                                          Andrea Spero, Educator and Parent
Carla Estrada, Administrative Supervisor
Javier López, Banker
Julia Khusainovam, Designer                                                              Kurt Varner, Designer                                                                    Caroline Varner, Public School Substitute Teacher                      Sarah Brant, Public School Teacher
Cady Sitkin, Public School Teacher
Gerard Soto, Management
Terrance Amsler, Public School Teacher
Meghann Hayes, Public School Educator                                                Roberto Hernández, Public School Educator
Brett Fox, Public School Teacher                                                      Paul Bellar, Public School Teacher & Small Business Owner Deborah Turner, Program Administrator                                                  Heidi Anderson, Communications
Emily Hanlon, Special Education SFUSD*
Tom Wrenn, Software Engineer
Mary-Kate Murphy, Elementary School Teacher
Allison Matamoros, 2nd Grade Teacher
Christina Harb, 5th grade teacher
Sydney Morgan, 6th grade teacher
Martha Adriasola-Martinez, Retired teacher
Patricia Soto, Legal/Admin Assistant
Francine Mendez, Elementary School Teacher
Tyler Kenney, Middle School Teacher
Allison Edwards, 2nd Grade Teacher
Chalida Anusasananan, Teacher Librarian
Janet Basurto, Director of Research and Analysis
Erica Lopez, County Employee
Andrew Yeung, Educator & Program Manager
Evelyn Vasquez, Law Clerk
Artemio Palencia, Materials/Procurement Supervisor
Rosa Guereque, LSG Sky Chefs Equipment and Sanitation
Jesus Vasquez, Student                                                                            Diana Perdomo, General Manager
Chela Delgado, Oakland teacher, former SFUSD teacher
Anna Heredia, Community Activist
Kelsey Simpson, Teacher
Brandee Marckmann, Public School Parent                                                Amber Lancaster, High School Science Teacher                                    Shantha Ramagopal, Public School Parent                                            Katie Pilat, President Parent Teacher Association*                      David Dobson, School Administrator                                                      Jeff Lui, School Finance

and many more...

*For identification purposes only

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