Gabriela López for San Francisco Board of Education

I am a Bilingual San Francisco public school teacher running for the Board of Education. We are at a crucial moment for San Francisco's children. I know what our students, families and teachers need. With over 10 years of education experience and leadership, I can bring an important voice to the School Board. 

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Quality Schools for All Students

- Smaller class size and more para-educators to support the classroom.

- Increase access to arts & technology education.

- Develop tools for teachers & families to understand student learning styles.

- Support for different learning needs and expanded special education services.


Address Affordability and Housing Crisis for Educators and Families

- Prioritize development of  family and educator housing

- Increase pay for all educators and address the income gap with surrounding school districts

- Collaborate with housing justice organizations to work with educators and families to inform and help exercise their housing rights and advocate for more affordable housing

- More resource support for students and families who are experiencing homelessness, living in shelters and in foster care


More Transparent Student Assignment and Accessing Special Education Services

- Ensure student & staff diversity is expanded and school choice is maintained

- Increasing parent involvement and utilize parent feedback for evaluation and adjustments of current assignment system

- Streamline resource connection for Special Education students and other impacted students.


Increase Language Access for Families, Students, and Educators

- Language opportunities for every student in elementary, middle and high school

- Expanded translation services – on-call translation for teachers and parents

- More inclusive support for english language learners